At The Bridge of Faith International Ministries, we minister to the total man; Spirit, Soul and Body. We have a ministry that will meet you at your point of need. There is a place in our church family for every member of your family.

Youth Ministry...
The Children’s Ministry is the avenue used by The Bridge of Faith International Church to break down the vision and the word spoken in the house at an age-appropriate level for children ages 2-8.

Our purpose is to instill the character, biblical foundations and principles of Christ into the hearts and minds of all children. Our mission is to equip children at their present age to develop an understanding of Christ that they would begin to develop and build a personal relationship with Christ.

Our goal is to partner with The Bridge of Faith International Christian Church parents as we together raise children who whole-heartedly serve Christ through obedience, worship, and Godly character.

Teen Ministry.......
Our goal is to develop character, respect and integrity in the Teenagers at The Bridge of Faith International Christian Church. The Teen Ministry Department disciplines through biblically based and reality conscious teaching which includes, discipleship classes, small group participation, Teen church, mentor programs, community outreach and special events.

Our mission is to introduce our Teenagers to know Jesus Christ in a manner that transform their lives by encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with Him through prayer and a solid foundation of biblical truths.

Performing Arts...
The vision at "The Bridge of Faith" is to minister to the total man spirit, soul and body. Our health and wellness ministries are targeted to train you to live as God's word says in 3 John 2: "I would above all things that you prosper; and be in health even as your soul prospers."

Information about the specific ministries at The Bridge of Faith International Christian Church, please contact the following individuals:

Praise Dance Leaders
Elder Brittnie Harris: 717-233-4030

The Praise and Worship Team begins each service leading the congregation into the glorification of God. The Bridge of Faith Choir and Musicians are a spiritually power-packed and anointed gospel ensemble. You can expect God's spirit to move on you as they minister in song. Choir rehearsals and auditions are held every Saturday at 7:00 AM in the Main Sanctuary .

Praise & Worship Directors
Minister Yul Holloway, Sister Angela Peyton and Sister Doris Brown: 717-233-4030

Our Performing Arts Team, through skits and plays, creatively minister the word of God. You will see yourself as they act out everyday situations in relation to God's word.

Performing Arts with the Creative Minds of Christ (CMC) POC
Elder Brittnie Harris & Minister Justin Harris: 717-233-4032

Singles Ministry...
The purpose of The Bridge of Faith Single Adult Ministries is to help build spiritually-strong single and single-again adults of all ages by
RECOGNIZING the need and opportunity for ministry TO/WITH single adults. REACHING single adults through persistent prayer, progressive planning, tactful training and relevant resources. RESTORING single adults to spiritual and relational wholeness.RELEASING single adults to discover and follow God's plan for their lives.
We're excited to be able to help you grow in your faith as a Christian single adult by: Keeping you informed of trends in the single adult community. Promoting relevant resources to/for single adults and leaders. Promoting upcoming singles activities and leadership events. nterviewing Christian single adults about their issues, interests and concerns.

Prison Ministry....
Our goal is for prisoners to become born again and grow as fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ. We work directly with prison chaplains to facilitate programming to assist in their ministry as Elders/Deacons of the Church on the inside. We recruit and train volunteers that lead regular Bible Studies, Seminars and Special Events.

Volunteers are formed into Ministry Delivery Teams that work closely with the chaplain and local prisons to help the prisoner move through a continuum of discipleship that begins on the inside and continues to a successful transition back into society as a faithful servant of Christ.

To find out how you can volunteer with The Bridge of Faith Prison Ministry contact us at: 717-233-4030 or 717-233-4032.


For information about the specific ministries at The Bridge of Faith
International Ministries, please contact the following individuals:

Usher & Hospitality Ministry:
Minister Tonya Holloway
(717) 233-4032

Elder Ronnie Briddell
(717) 233-4032

Transportation Ministry:
Sister LaToya Willis
(717) 233.4030

Audio Ministry:
Minister Shelly Best
(717) 233-4032

Multi-Media Ministry:
Minister Shelly Best &
Elder Brittnie Harris
(717) 233-4032

Phone Ministry:
Sister LaToya Willis
(717) 233-4032

Support Ministry:
Minister Tonya Holloway
(717) 233-4030

 Brother Charles Willis
(717) 233-4032

Empowerment Ministry
(717) 233-4030

Children's Ministry
(717) 233-4032

Youth Ministry
(717) 233-4032

Women's Fellowship
(717) 233-4030

Men's Fellowship
(717) 233-4030

Single's Ministry
(717) 233-4030

Prison Ministry
(717) 233-4030