Meet Our Visionary

Bishop Larry A. Harris

Bishop Larry A. Harris, a native of Georgia, was the Pastor of the Bridge of Faith since its inception in November 1999. Bishop Harris was a man of distinction and integrity, someone with a clear sense of purpose and willing to stand in the face of adversity. Bishop Harris was a highly decorated retired 20-year Veteran and served in the Persian Gulf War. He earned his Bachelor's Degree while serving in The Armed Forces and graduated with a 4.0 average. He also held a Doctorate Degree in Theology.

His anointing of miracles, signs and wonders was evident and the trademark dynamism associated with him, injected life and restoration wherever he went. Sharing his Vision, Bishop Harris challenged the Body of Christ to shake off complacency and live as God intended... fruitful and effective.

Operating in his gift as an Apostle and speaking with a prophetic voice, Bishop Harris preached and taught the Word of God with uncompromising boldness and clarity. His ministry was instrumental in breaking down religious walls and religious traditions. His ministry of gifts of the Holy Spirit and powerful presentation of the Gospel has set thousands free. Messages are available on DVDs and CDs.

Bishop Harris is the Author of two Books "Miracles are No Surprise" and "The Bridge Of Knowledge To Who God Is". Bishop Harris was married to Pastor Sheila D. Harris for 29 years and was the father of four children. 

Bishop Harris interviewed on TV Networks such as The Word Network and IMPACT TV (Detroit, Michigan). He has also appeared on Glory to God TV and WGCB MeTV, The Inspiration Network, UPN 15, ABC 27 and 120 Live with Rod Parsley. Bishop Harris was interviewed on Radio Stations such as CCFM Radio Station in Cape Town South Africa, WDRJ Detroit, 720 The Rock and Bishop Harris has preached in numerous cities, states and countries around the world.